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Bali’s Best Beaches

Volcanic peaks still dominate the Island of Bali more than paddy fields where locals have grown their food since generations. However, Balis beaches and coral reefs have lead to the growth of a vast tourist economy. Tourists come from all over the world. 

Tropical sunshine is guaranteed, as well as clear, warm water. Bali’s beaches are a fantastic place for a holiday.

1. Seminyak Beach, South Bali

You should check out the South of Bali if you are looking for some action. Especially Seminyak, which lies between Kuta and Legian in the western conurbation, is a destination for action seekers.

There you will find a stretch of 5 km white sandy beach backed by restaurants, bars and high-quality hotels from which you can simply step out on to the Beach.

It’s a fantastic place to learn surfing because the waves are relatively gentle here. Seminyak in itself is almost a holiday resort.

2. White Sand Beach (Pasir Putih), Candidasa, East Coast

Some call this Beach Virgin Beach, which may is a result of its remoteness on the east coast. You have to put some effort to get there because it’s off the beaten track. But the effort is worth it. With it’s calm and clear blue water, this beach is an excellent spot for swimming. In the beachfront restaurants, local seafood and a range of other food are available. You can get a massage right on the sand, and you can also hire a sun lounger for the day. There are not many tourists on this secret spot; this can feel like a pleasant relief compared to the packed beaches of southern Bali.

3. Nusa Dua Beach, South Bali

The white sand of Nusa Dua Beach could not be any more impressive. This is a resort area of Bali, where there are excellent hotels right next to lovely palm trees and beautifully-presented lawns.

It was once a mangrove area. Now the 14-kilometre area has become a reclaimed beach. You can enjoy mangroves and stunning orchids along the beach. It is very clean and the calm blue waters are pristine. For families this is an excellent place with friendly restaurants and good shopping. There is also a range of water sports and plenty of shade for those who wanting a break from the sun.

4. Padang Padang Beach, Uluwatu

This Beach found undoubtedly deserves the recognition, as many of the idyllic beaches of Bali. The lovely bay in which the Beach is located attracts many sunbathers and surfers. The waves are ideal for surfers, and they can enjoy the dramatic setting created by the rock formations.

Padang Padang beach itself is quite small, but it’s worth to get here early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise above the horizon. Crowds will appear soon after sunrise, and then it’s up to you whether you want to stay with the masses or find a more quiet place to relax.

5. Jimbaran Bay Beach, South West Bali

This three-kilometre stretch of white sand is famous for its scenery, the fresh fish that local fishers sell at the local market, and the sunsets.

With such delicious fresh fish, the local BBQs are well supported.

Watch the sunset and enjoy some seafood. There are only very few better places for a romantic dinner.

During the day, you can always find quiet areas for relaxing and taking in the sun’s rays.

6. Echo Beach, Canggu

From a fairly quiet spot and the odd BBQ, Echo Beach has changed over the years to one of the trendiest places to go, with fancy bars looking across the black volcanic sands. The sea in Echo Beach is blue and inviting. During the day, Echo Beach is frequented by people enjoying the sunshine, and during the night it is a party spot. There are heaps of digital nomads staying in Canggu so that you will find a relaxed, international crowd here. 

7. Sanur Beach, South East Bali

Sanur is a five-kilometre stretch of white sand. Wealthy expats discovered it decades ago. They selected this location for building elegant villas. Usually, there is a gentle breeze to take the edge off the temperature. On the length of the beach there is a promenade with resorts and upmarket cafes along. You can watch local fishing boats out of the water for reparation. Families get the opportunity to enjoy a day out, and early morning people had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. 

The waves are relatively gentle. Therefore Sanur Beach is not a place for surfers. For divers and snorkelers, on the other hand, there is a lot to discover in the marine life under the waves.

8. Balangan Beach, Bukit Peninsula, South Bali

This is one of Bali’s top surfing beaches. If you don’t surf, you can just enjoy the laid-back atmosphere on this Beach. For those who just want to lie and relax, loungers and umbrellas are available. Rustic restaurants serve local Indonesian food and ice-cold drinks. Most of the visitors are young backpackers, who are happy to take in the environment with no worries about time and day. Balangan Beach is only half a kilometre long, but if you add the cliffs and the reef, the setting is truly magnificent.

9. Suluban Beach, Uluwatu

Uluwatu is famous as a surfing destination and well established as such. When the tide goes out, this Beach reveals itself as an excellent place for simply relaxing or enjoying a quiet swim. In the background, you can watch the cliffs standing above beautiful, clear blue waters. 

You will have to walk down a few steps to reach the Beach. If you are adventurous you may want to explore the caves on the way. Make sure to check the tides. When the tide is in, you can’t enjoy the beach and swimming is not possible.

10. Medewi Beach, West Bali

Medewi Beach is not very famous. Tourists can get an impression about how Bali was before significant tourist numbers arrived. On the coastline of this stretch, there are paddy fields and small villages. The Beach is famous amongst surfers but is not to crowded yet. If you enjoy surfing without being surrounded by other surfers, you should undoubtedly check out Medewi Beach. The fresh fish and the beautiful sunsets each day add to the enjoyment.

11. Balian Beach, West Bali

This Beach is famous amongst expats and visiting surfers. The surf always has a top-quality, and there is a big range of good bars and cafes. You can explore great black and volcanic sand dunes. Some visitors just come here to enjoy a beer as the sunsets. Even though the road is in poor condition, many regulars head for Balian Beach at weekends as a matter of habit. Although it is on the same Island as many busy resorts, Balian Beach seems like a world away in a little area of the Island. The life of locals has barely changed over the years.

12. Legian Beach, South Bali

This part of Bali and its beaches is the most famous amongst tourists. Therefore it is quite busy, but still, it manages to keep a laid-back feel. If you want, you can walk many kilometre in the soft, white sand. There are many restaurants and bars if you need a break during your walk. The nightlife will not disappoint you, and there is a lot of accommodation available near Legian Beach. The name of the Beach translates to ‚sweet’.

13. Bingin Beach, Uluwatu

Bingin Beach has become another favourite with surfers. You might need some help to find this hidden Beach. Especially people who are seeking the sun have been attracted to the sandy coves of Bingin Beach. Swimming is a delight here. To get down to the sand from the cliffs above, you will need to be relatively fit. Although there are steps, it takes some effort to get up and down. Sunset is an excellent time at Bingin Beach, because there are no crowds around that time. 

14. Pemuteran Beach, North West Bali

Especially if you are not a good swimmer, Pemuteran Beach is definitely for you. Here you will find the largest shallow reef on Bali. The water is calm enough to invite anyone in to swim. Divers and snorkelers head here to explore the abundant marine life in this bright, blue water. If you are lucky, you can see manta rays and turtles, as well as giant clams and maybe even the completely harmless whale shark.

15. Nusa Penida, off South East Bali

If you are up to a boat trip, you should go to the Island, Nusa Penida. It has stunning cliffs, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches. It is not as developed as the mainland, but this can also be an advantage. There are basic roads on the Island. You will find quiet bays and a landscape that is worth exploring. Local cafes serve fresh food. Kelingking is a famous white sandy beach, below 400-meter cliffs in the South West of the Island. The headland is limestone and covered in a vegetation which adds further colour to the setting.


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